Introducing the Child Allowance Pay Stub!

Allowance has become a big topic in our house recently. We’ve been spotty with it over the years. We start and then it fizzles out. The thing is, our kids tend to “earn” a decent amount of money on their birthdays and Chanukah from family members, so my wife and I have not been terribly motivated to further line their pockets in order for them to buy additional crap that will end up strewn across the house.

Our 11 and 9 year olds, though, have forced the issue. So fine, we’re again issuing allowance. I have decided, though, that if they are getting allowance, they are also going to get a pay stub. Yes, that’s right. An allowance pay stub. Why? Two reasons:

  1. I don’t want any arguments about whether or not we paid up. Both parties will get a pay stub upon issuance so that we’re all on the same page that payment was made.
  2. This is the biggie. Deductions! That’s right, friends. If they are getting a paycheck from Bornstein Inc. they are also going to get taxed on their earnings. There’s no free lunch. These little bastards are gonna get a little taste of the taxman.

Without further ado, I present to you the Bornstein Inc. children’s allowance pay stub! Of course, if you have suggestions for other taxes that should be levied, I’d love to hear them in the comments. I have a feeling I’m missing some good ones…

Well, what do you think?

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