Yeah, we take this Purim thing kinda seriously…

Chag Purim Sameach! Happy Purim!

In celebration of Purim 5779/2019 here’s a look at both this year’s family costume and those from years past. I admit that while my wife, Carrie, LIVES for this day (and is the artistic director and master costume designer), I sometimes find this process exhausting. Still, I can’t argue with the finished products. Go Team Bornstein!

2019 – Evolution!

2018 – Lounge singer!

2017 – Baby Bird!

Carrie was pregnant this year as a gestational surrogate (check out her blog about the experience) and wanted to make use of her belly (which she has done in the past as well…it’s a good prop.) The older two kids were birds as well. Our youngest is dressed up as a worm, although some people suggested he looked like something else…Whoops.

2016 – Trophy Family!

I’m a little fuzzy on the years from here…

The Bathroom!


Willy Wonka!

Bachelorette Party!

Bornstein Pest Control!

Lobster in a Pot!

Publishers Clearing House! (This is where it all started!)

There are a few others, but you get the idea.

!חג פורים שמח

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