Parenting Flowchart #1: The Dinner Conundrum

There is nothing more frustrating than a kid who will not eat dinner because they (allegedly) do not like the offerings. It’s enough to make a parent go mad when it happens day in and day out. For this reason I humbly submit to you The Dinner Conundrum flowchart.

It works like this:

Obstinate Child: I don’t like anything on the table!

Parent: [Silently points at The Dinner Conundrum flowchart on the fridge.]

Obstinate Child: [Carefully reads the flowchart, calmly fetches a banana and eats it quietly, dutifully throws out the peel, offers to clear other people’s plates, independently does homework, puts on pajamas, brushes teeth, flosses teeth, gets in bed and starts reading quietly until a parent comes to tuck them in.]

Eh?! Not bad, right!

Alternatively, all hell breaks loose and both you and the child end up in tears. It could really go either way.

Good luck, parents. Good luck.

Well, what do you think?

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