This Fetus is Kicking My Ass

(Originally published on August 6, 2017 on Mental Health Safe Space.)

This fetus is kicking my ass. No, literally. She’s actually kicking my ass.

There I was cuddling with my wife before bed, minding my own business (I was the small spoon, because duh) and Carrie’s ever-growing belly was pressed against my butt. All of a sudden I felt a kick. Was that…ummm…was that the baby, I ask? And then another one, even harder than the first. Yep. Ms. Feisty Fetus was kicking my ass!

I suppose it’s poetic. In many ways she’s been figuratively kicking asses for about 18 months, so why not throw in some actual ass kicking here and there?

Let me back up a step for those new to this story. My wife, Carrie, is 31 weeks pregnant as a gestational surrogate. That means she is pregnant with another couple’s baby…Click here for the full post…

Well, what do you think?

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