A Few Words of Gratitude, For Those I Know and Those I Don’t

To the man in the New York City hotel lobby who walked past me and said, “Boo Red Sox! Boo!” I’m sorry that my hat brought impurity into your midst, but thank you for reminding me that sports are important, but less important than decency.

To the man who came over to me immediately after and warmly said, “Don’t worry about it. I bet he can’t even name one player,” thanks for bringing the world back into balance by countering meanness with kindness.

To the Starbucks barista who, at 8 am, enthusiastically greeted me at the register as if I was a long lost friend, that was freaking amazing, and I’m kicking myself that I did not ask to take a selfie with you and social media that awesomeness out to the world right there and then. You’re an amazing human being. I’m still smiling.

To my Pardes colleagues with whom I spent two intense days sparring over the most consequential questions our organization must ask, you are my teachers in every sense of the word and it’s an honor to work with you.

To the housekeeping employee at the hotel who warmly delivered emergency toothpaste packs to this apparently forgetful soul, perhaps more than I thank you, my colleagues, and the people of the greater New York metropolitan area thank you.

To my wife, who puts up with my travel, and worse, me when I’m home, you are the best partner, adviser and confidante with whom I could possibly imagine navigating this insane world. I love you. I’ll be home in two hours. You can let me know about the typos in this post at your convenience.

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