A List of Sunday Solo-Dadccomplishments and the Related Repercussions Thereof

Stacked firewood :: Sore back and delusions of instantaneous bulging of biceps.

Cleared leaves :: ibid.

Made lunch for 3 kids :: Only 2 kids ate, because obviously. Breathed deeply.

Dropped older kids at party :: Endured wrath of uninvited 5 year-old.

Took 5 year-old to arcade :: Endured wrath of 5 year-old for withholding candy.

Picked up older kids from party :: Endured wrath of older kids for limiting junk-food.

Took kids out for pizza :: Became inspired by a group of deaf parents at restaurant.

Lit Chanukah candles with kids :: Quietly pondered a life of minimalism while cleaning up the resultant mess of present opening.

Administered suppository :: Quietly pondered how I ended up alone with 3 kids administering suppositories.

Put kids to bed :: Binged on all the crap that I withheld from kids all day, because I’m an adult dammit and I’ll eat whatever I want, thank you very much.

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