Short, Jewish and Lefty

Growing up in southern New Hampshire in the 80’s I distinctly remember thinking that I was the ultimate minority because I was short, Jewish and lefty. It’s laughable in retrospect, of course, because I was also white and middle class, but kids don’t operate with that type of perspective. Here are a few thoughts on... Continue Reading →

Where My Male Identified Parental Units At?

Okay, so yesterday I posted about my new idea to create parenting merit badges so that parents can proudly display their hard-earned parenting achievements, and maybe get a few encouraging pats on the back from their fellow parents in return. Funny right? I thought so. And apparently a lot of you did as well…but by... Continue Reading →

Introducing the Parental Achievements Sash: Start Collecting Your Badges and Pins Today!

Parenting is a thankless job. You work your ass off, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and you do it because you have to. You can be sick as a dog, have broken bones, a broken mind, an overly-demanding boss, a sick relative and a flat tire, and you’re... Continue Reading →

Entropy: My Completely Futile Beef with the Universe

I’ve got a bone to pick with physics. It's 100% out to get me. Specifically, my problem is with the second law of thermodynamics, which has to do with this thing called entropy. Entropy measures the degree of disorder in a system and is, without question, the root of all evil in my life. Basically,... Continue Reading →

This better. That more. This less.

Eat better. Read more. Drink less. Daven more. Be cranky less. Exercise more. Buy less. Write more. Yell at my kids less. Play with my kids more. Watch TV less. Clean up around the house more. Procrastinate less. Learn more. Facebook less. Be happy more. Worry less. Play guitar more. Complain less. Yeah. I can... Continue Reading →

Rivka. 25 years old. She married three weeks ago tonight.

Every year I walk up a small hill near my uncle’s apartment in Jerusalem. On that hill is a tree growing along the edge of the sidewalk, and at the foot of that tree is a pile of broken glass; glass from a shattered windshield. For some reason I always notice this glass, and I... Continue Reading →

My Son Has Potty Humor And I Love It

Okay, so I'm probably supposed to discourage potty humor. That's one of those rules of parenting, right? Teach decorum. Teach manners. Model appropriate language, behavior blah blah blah. Yes, and. Here's the thing. The cartoon above that my son made is hilarious! I can't not laugh at it. And you know what? I don't want... Continue Reading →

It’s Financial Aid Season, Bitches!

Yes, it’s my favorite time of year when I get to pull down my financial trousers and enjoy an electrifying economic endoscopy! From you, my dearest Third-party Financial Assessment Service, I will withhold nothing. Explore me. Examine me. Shine your light into the darkest crevices of my corpus and reveal that which even I have... Continue Reading →

Generous Exclusion & the Art of Family Management

I heard a fascinating piece on NPR recently about “generous exclusion,” a theory that pushes back against the tendency many of us have to be as inclusive as possible. The theory claims that sometimes excluding people is actually a benevolent act; that being overly inclusive is often an impediment to productivity and is, therefore, ultimately... Continue Reading →

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